Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

SNSD Genie Album

Girls' Generation 2nd Mini Album - Genie
 After a short break SNSD back to the concept of "Marine Girl", a song, titled "Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie)" (Korean: "을 소원 말해봐", literally "Tell Me Your Wish"); mini-album was released digitally on 22, 2009. Mini-album includes a duet between Jessica and the members of SHINee Onew is "One Year Later".
On June 26, 2009, the comeback performance of Girls' Generation was recorded at KBS's Music Bank. The group then had to return their appearance on MBC's Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on June 27 and 28, 2009. Genie second-generation mini album Girls' was released on June 29, 2009. Their first victory for the "Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie)" obtained on July 10, 2009 episode of KBS Music Bank. The second award they claimed on July 12, 2009 episode of SBS Inkigayo. The group is completing the promotion for "Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie)" in August 2009

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